Right now we’re faced with a level of change and uncertainty unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

Neuroscience tells us that uncertainty is perceived as a threat by our brains. This can trigger the fight, fight or freeze response, shutting us down and threatening our sense of purpose in the world. But our brains are also always primed for new learning. 

What if we could turn this period of change and uncertainty into a life long learning laboratory for ourselves? The World Economic Forum lists life long learning as an essential competence for navigating the uncertain future.

Think for a moment of what you’ve learned in the last few days: There are many opportunities for new learning in a shutdown: mastering different technology for work and social connections, creating spaces and new routines for work and family and managing our time in new ways.

Try regularly reviewing the new skills you have learnt to cope most effectively with your current time of uncertainty but don’t stop there. Turn inwards to reflect on what changes are happening in your inner landscape that will future proof you for whatever may lie ahead. Finally, think about the impact this could have on your purpose in the world.

In summary, Coaching Café’s Life Long Learning Lab consists of reflecting on these three review questions:

  • Lockdown Landscape: What new things am I doing and learning?
  • Internal Landscape: What am I learning about myself and who i am becoming
  • My Future Landscape: How will I show up differently as I live out my purpose in the future?

Right now, the best thing you can do for the whole world is to use this opportunity to make the most of yourself.