What is Coaching?

People come to coaching because of change. Sometimes changes are welcome — and sometimes they aren’t. Changes sometimes offer opportunities, and sometimes challenges.

No matter the change you’re dealing with, the fundamental challenge is the same: you’re moving from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching is a partnership in which the coach walks alongside the coachee on this journey.

The ICF defines coaching as a thought-provoking, creative process that inspires people to maximise their personal and professional potential. The coaching process highlights opportunities for learning and growth by shining a light on your unique potential, creating self-awareness and building confidence. With these insights, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to align your reality with your vision and purpose.

What is a Coach?

A coach is a thinking partner who is present with all their senses: who listens deeply, observes behaviours and connects with the thoughts and feelings of their coachee. For coaches to be effective, they need to become trusted partners to the people they’re coaching.

Coaches are passionately curious about their client’s thinking, emotions and behaviour. This gives them a deep understanding of the gap between where their coachees are now, and where they want to be.

Each one of us is the leader of our own lives. A good coach considers their coachee as the expert: rather than ‘teaching’ their coachee how to address their challenges, coaches empower people to overcome obstacles themselves and move forward towards the goals, dreams and visions they have for themselves.

A coach supports their coachee and walks alongside them in their coaching journey, trusting that they are able to find their own best solution. An effective coach creates a space that orientates their client towards the future they want and holds them in that space with compassion and confidence.

What is Life Coaching?

Broadly speaking, coaching happens in one of two ways: in an organisational context – usually referred to as corporate coaching or business coaching – or a personal context, which people usually call life coaching or personal coaching.

While some of the specifics of coaching in a personal or professional context may differ, we believe that all coaches deal with both life and leadership challenges. A successful coaching program takes the full spectrum of the coachee’s life into account – at home, at work, and everything in between.

Find out more about our approach to life coaching, and how it can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.


What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) defines mentoring as a process of sharing the mentor’s wisdom and passing on personalised, domain-specific knowledge to help the mentee make significant advances in knowledge, perspective and vision – ultimately, to develop their full potential.

The main difference between coaching and mentoring is that, in coaching, the coachee is considered the expert — whereas in mentoring, the mentor is considered the expert and is expected to facilitate learning and growth by sharing their wisdom and knowledge. We act as mentors in the domains of learning design and facilitation, as well as True Leadership coaching.

What is coaching leadership?

In a coaching approach to leadership, the leader uses coaching competencies to facilitate the delivery of results by engaging and growing the people he or she leads. Our True Leadership program enhances your leadership style with coaching competencies, and makes it possible for the organisation’s achievements to contribute to the growth of its people too.

Get in touch with us to find out more about leadership coaching


Why is Business Coaching important?

The working world is changing fast. Today, it’s common for people to change jobs frequently and even start entirely new careers more than once in their lifetimes. With the ever-evolving technology that drives many industries today, no job stays the same for long, and “life Long learning” is an essential skill for anyone hoping to thrive in this brave new world.

Find out more about our unique and proven take on leadership coaching


The benefits of Coaching

Improved Self Awareness
Improved Self Leadership
Improved Social Awareness

Improved Relationship Management
Greater Accountability
Greater Sense of Self Worth

The Coaching Café Way

We believe that your effectiveness has more to do with who you are than it does with what you do. That’s why getting to know yourself better is the best place to start.

Our coaching partnerships focus on helping you achieve what you want and raising your awareness of the way you learn, and the new and improved version of yourself you’re becoming.

We have specific expertise in Leadership coaching. We work with you to develop a coaching program that aligns with your agenda and meets the expectations of your organisation. Coaching is effective on an individual level and within an organisation, but for organisations that implement company-wide coaching programs, the benefits increase exponentially

The Coaching Café business coaching and life coaching programs aim to achieve:

Greater alignment with your goals, vision, values, and purpose

Improved engagement personally and professionally

More effective application of your unique strengths and resources

Improved resilience

Improved confidence

Improved trustworthiness

Positive reframing of your reality

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