In the Our Philosophy section of our website we mention the meeting of minds from two different backgrounds and perspectives.

How have we applied our minds to making the most of these qualities in growing a business and serving our clients over the years?

The two main areas of Coaching Café’s expertise and experience are online leadership and life coaching on the one hand and the design and facilitation of learning material and processes on the other.

Although we come from very different academic and career backgrounds, there are many bridges between our personal philosophies, experience and expertise that create a strong foundation for our work in our personal lives and in the world. Not only do these bridges connect us as individuals and our areas of interest and work; they are also the foundation of our connections with our clients.

Here is a light-hearted yet serious look at some of the principles and beliefs that we believe create the bridges to connect all areas of our work:

  • Everything starts with the individual. Our coaching approach and our learning designs start where you’re at and help to position you within all the different contexts of your personal and professional life
  • We believe everyone has the innate potential to create their best life and in doing so make the impact they want and are meant to make in the world
  • We have a deep understanding of how learning happens for individuals, teams and organisations. All our interactions are designed to create inner and outer spaces conducive to learning
  • We know how to make learning enjoyable and rewarding – our learning processes are refreshing and create engagement. No more death by Powerpoint!
  • Our systems thinking approach means that we always look for the interplay between all the systems that are relevant for individuals, teams and organisations and how they impact one another
  • We believe language is a really powerful tool in learning and so we use words with care to reflect the way we choose to work and that resonate with our clients and ourselves. Some examples are: true, authentic, alignment, clarity,engagement, purpose. Be on the lookout for more of these powerful words on our website!
  • We really listen to our clients: to the words they use, their non-verbal or body language and what is said between the lines or not at all
  • We choose to view people through the lens of their natural talents and inspire them to develop these talents into strengths
  • We know that questions, especially good questions, are the key to learning. We love crafting a question in the moment that tunes into the client’s thinking, expands the way they view themselves and their world and creates opportunities for learning, reflection and growth
  • We are driven to share what we know, transferring skills and knowledge appropriately, whether through mentoring, consulting or providing support in other ways
  • We aim to be true facilitators in all interactions. To facilitate means to make things easier (facile = easy). Whether working with groups or individuals, we endeavour to clear a path for our clients to see the way forward and navigate obstacles on the way to their true selves

If you’re curious about how this approach could work for you, your team or your organization, contact us for a complimentary discussion.