The Updated ICF Competency Model – powerful guidelines for both coaches and leaders.

In our opinion, this is a much appreciated fresh look at the ICF competencies. ( It provides great guidance for coaches to become all that they can be and to interact in a way that empowers their clients to soar.

In emphasising partnering and the belief in a coachee and replacing the need to manage, what stands out is the way these competencies highlight the essential components of Masterful Coaching, :

  • The wholeness of the coach as a confident, ethical human being on a path of continuous improvement through their dedication to lifelong learning
  • The purposefulness of the coaching relationship, clear, unique, focused and extending beyond the individual into their world
  • Seeing the coachee as the expert on their own lives, wise, resourceful and capable of making the right choices for their road ahead
  • Holding the space for coachees with compassion and confidence, a space that orientates them towards their future
  • The creativity of the coach in generatively responding to the uniqueness of the coachee and their world
  • The process of harvesting learning and growth in such a way that seeds are sown for transformation
What stands out about the refreshed competencies for us is that they inspire these essential characteristics from the start of a beginner coach’s journey – encouraging a masterful coaching mindset from the outset. From the start you are who you want to become, we all have the masterful coach embedded in us!
Imagine the impact a leader could have if they followed these guidelines: they will be able to grow themselves and their people and create an environment of continuous learning, relating and performing. We believe that all leaders should aspire to include these as leadership competencies too!
We are committed to supporting these competencies in our coaching and leadership development.

See our website for how we view life coaching and leadership coaching and how this reflects the competencies.