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True Leadership® for Leading Self and influencing others

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary.

Self-leadership is the basic building block and a critical component of both personal and professional success.

These Self Leadership programmes are focused on building character and competence for organisational roles including specialist, consulting and leadership roles.


The outcome of self-leadership is skillful management of all aspects of our lives. Learning  more  about ourselves and understanding the impact we have on others enables us to utilise our talents fully.


Life-long learning and growth is a cornerstone of personal development. All Coaching Café programmes are designed to maximise learning and develop learning skills.


It is when our values, goals and strengths are aligned with our aspirations that we gather momentum and become most effective.

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True Leadership® for
Leading Teams

“None of us is as smart as all of us” Ken Blanchard.

These True Leadership® programmes build teams as units of engagement and performance, enhancing trust, effective interaction, commitment, accountability and results.

High Performance

This is the outcome of True team Leadership. A high performing team makes use of individual strengths and abilities in combination – each member reaches greater levels of excellence as a result of the others.


Sharing and building on team learning equips organisations to harvest and spread successful practices.


The team is the level at which to create engagement – the force behind sustainable success.

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True Leadership® for strategic business leaders

These programmes support the collective leadership team that sets the direction for business success.


Ultimately, all business is measured by results and driven by the team of leaders that set the tone.


The role of the leadership team is to create the unique fusion between the strengths of the business and its people and the requirements of the marketplace in order to enhance growth. These programmes focus on creating a cohesive leadership team that walks the talk, communicates clearly and continuously, embedding the choices it makes in the fibre of the organisation.


The leadership team sets the tone for all aspects of strategy, culture and direction and needs to be aware of the impact of strategic choices at this level.

Choices made by True Leaders maximise opportunities to provide meaning, alignment and growth for all their stakeholders.

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